Often times, thinking about how to plan for each aspect of your wedding can be a little overwhelming. Making these types of decisions will be easier on you after you pick a wedding theme and will also make your day feel even more special.

Whether you choose to center your theme around a particular colour, or make it as specific as a certain heritage or time period, you can incorporate it into the way you select your dress, the food served, your floral arrangements, your guests’ favours, and your wedding location.

These are five ways to choose a theme for your own wedding:

Deciding on a colour arrangement

If you want to use specific colours in your wedding theme, you’ll need to decide on them in the early planning stages. You can incorporate them into your invitations, dresses for your bridesmaids, floral arrangements and wedding decorations. If you can’t think of a specific colour you’d like to use, take a look at the decor in the location you are planning to get married, and see if there are any colours that would accentuate it.

An exotic theme

Did you meet your fiancée in a different country, or did you go on holiday to a special place together? Will you be spending your honeymoon out of the country? This is something that can influence your theme. Pretend that you met each other when you travelled to Japan. Serving traditional Japanese food like sushi and having your bridesmaids wear kimonos instead of dresses would be good examples of how you can focus your theme around a specific country.

A specific era

Do the two of you have a favourite time period? Do you enjoy 1940’s movies or music from the 1980’s? Choosing a specific era as your theme can inspire what kind of car you make your entrance in to your wedding gown style. It may also influence the location you choose to hold your reception, the food and beverages served, and the kind of music you choose to play. If you inform your guests ahead of time of that you plan to have this specific theme, you might even have a few people that dress appropriately for the occasion.

Letting the season inspire you

What time of year are you having your wedding? The season can inspire the colours, materials, and food/beverage selection for your big day. Spring weddings might have pastel colours, spring floral arrangements, white linens, and fresh salads, whereas the theme for a winter wedding may showcase silver/gold combinations, winter trees and shrubs, creamy puddings and thick velvet cake. Maybe you’ll go with a beach motif for your summer wedding, incorporating barbequed foods into your menu, and including shells in your decorations.

Using your creativity

Remember that this is your special day and you should plan out the things that would make it more meaningful for you. There aren’t any specific guidelines you have to adhere to, so don’t hold the impression that you need to wear a white dress, book a hotel for your reception, serve only gourmet foods, or take up dancing classes just for your first song. You’ll have a wedding that the two of you will always remember if you just do what is the most comfortable to you, so talk with each other about any ideas you might have and don’t discount the thought of something simply because it’s out the “norm.”


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