Having a white wedding is a common desire among many women, and white is a very in colour choice for a modern wedding this season. It’s no surprise that the current trend is shifting away from brightly coloured frosting and the customary white wedding cake is making a comeback. Modern-day brides are left with this predicament; just how do you put a spin on white and keep your cake from seeming old-fashioned?

Here is a list of 10 things you can do to put a fresh twist on your white wedding cake:

1. Offset you cake with black. Having a uniform white cake has been a popular custom for years, but adding a few simple black shapes and designs, some black flowers, or a black stippling pattern to a standard white cake, will put a modern spin on it.

2. Create imitation lace with icing. Ice your cake with a muted version of your primary wedding theme colour and apply icing over the top of the cake to create a mock lace look. This effect will give the overall feel of a traditional white wedding cake, with a subtle hint of colour.

3. Use a substitute icing. When envisioning the perfect white cake, we generally think of white, thick, sugar cream icing. For a different and delicious effect, try using a fluffy butter cream or white chocolate icing. This is a great touch and a pleasant surprise for your guests.

4. Put a ribbon on it. It seems like such a simple addition to a wedding cake, but a basic bow in your main wedding colour, covering the bottom of each cake layer, makes for an elegant and contemporary look that adds style and beauty to your wedding motif.

5. Decorate with white. There’s no need for a boring white wedding cake; it can be enhanced with a variety of white adornments like pinstripes, polka dots, butterflies, or strawberries made out of icing to enrich the texture and look of your cake.

6. Accessorise with crystal or pearl. These are perfect to accessorise with because they give your white cake a depth that cannot be produced by using colour. Pick the stones that go with your gown the best and use them to embellish your cake. You can press them into the layers or decorate your actual cake stand.

7. Garnish with live flowers. Topping a plain white cake with live flowers will make your cake look truly stunning. If you are using a stand for a cake with tiers, you can conceal the columns by piling white roses between each tier. If your cake has layers that are directly on top of each other, any type of white flower looks very pretty placed along the foot of each layer.

8. Copy your wedding dress. Having a white wedding cake is the perfect opening to incorporate elements from your wedding dress into the blueprints of your cake. Cake details resembling your dress, like imitation needlework or edible beads, can be copied by using various inlay designs, fluting, or ornate floral icing.

9. Go for raised icing. Applying your icing in a coarse or mottled fashion, instead of making it completely even, can draw attention to any white wedding cake. A popular decorating option is bumpy icing with vertical stripes; to accessorise, finish with some nice flowers for an elegant, traditional cake.

10. Finish with an appealing topper. This is always a great way to draw attention to your wedding cake, and if you’ve taken the time to find the perfect one, having a white cake won’t take away from your topper. Think about having a caricature done of you and your significant other and using it as your cake topper. This is always a great way to add a sentimental and personal touch to your cake.


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