A very popular idea these days is to skip the sit down formal meal and offer cocktail food/Fingerfood. This is perfect if you want your guests to mix and talk with more people. Sometimes sitting at tables people wont move much and when it comes to dancing they feel like they are dancing around with strangers.

The following seven guidelines will make your cocktail food and canapés stick out from the pack.

1. Make it simple

When you take a look at cocktail food choices you will discover a range of produce you have never heard of. Seafood tends to figure greatly next to exotic spices or sauces. Do not overlook that your finger food can be simple stuff as this can sometimes be the most popular. Freshly cooked mini fries are ideal samples of simple wedding cocktail food. Hand them around in small ice cream cone holders, or in shot glasses plus a small quantity of sauce at the base.

2. Stay away from messy foods

For sure your guests will have used up some time and money dressing up for your wedding, and of course, you do not want them to be bathed in spaghetti sauce midway during the cocktail hour. Pick foods that are easy to grab and eat using the fingers, and stick to bite-sized fares to avoid mess and crumbs. If you wish to serve a little with a sauce, use Chinese spoons or a different sort of little bowl with a coordinating fork or spoon.

3. Think about your drinks

The thought of cocktail food is that it balances the cocktails or some other drinks that you are handing out, rather than overwhelming them. Prepare your drink choices first and then utilise that as the initial point for your food. If you will have a unique cocktail concocted, you have to be able to get a little advice on the kinds of wedding cocktail fare that would match it from the bartender.

4. Mix hot and cold and make sure you have enough…

Wedding cocktail food should combine both cold and hot dishes preferably except if you are getting married halfway through the summer then you could just serve fresh seafood and meats. It is easier to serve cold food, but hot food can be more popular and satisfying at night.Speak with your caterer and always make sure there will be enough food for everyone.

Here are some great party planning tools that will also help you know how much you will need.

5. Stay close to your budget

Personal cocktail dishes may not look very costly as they are, but it is easy to be swayed by choices and for the expenses to pile up. Several valuable dishes that do not cost a fortune consist of shot glasses of chilled or hot soup, mini hot dogs, or small barrels of popcorn.

6. Accommodate all preferences

Presenting a wide array of dishes is a fine means to ensure each person finds something they prefer. Check whether you have a vegan selection, and if preferable a gluten-free and lactose-free option. If you wish to have a really zesty theme to your cocktail fare, try to incorporate something a bit blander for those company that cannot bear hot and spicy food.

7. Think about your arrangement

The presentation of your wedding cocktail food is more or less as significant as the taste, and appearance is the solution to producing an event that everyone will remeber. Look into the shades of your cocktail food; are they tempting, do they complement each other, and do they go well with the theme of your wedding? What types of containers will you use to place your food? Are the materials, colours and shape of the serving dishes well-matched to your theme? Will you be able to come up with something more artistic to better match your wedding?. Make sure you bring these things up with your caterer.


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