The aim of this article is to give you some tips to consider if you are having to make a wedding speech or toast.

Guests at weddings aren’t expecting professional speakers. They do anticipate, however, that you have allotted some spare time to think about what you want to express so that your speech has some type of flow and comes out naturally. They will more easily connect with you if you make the details personal and appear as the natural, normal person that you are.

The anxiety of a big audience is absolutely unsubstantiated. These guests did not travel far and dress up in their best clothes just to assess and critic every move you make or word you speak. They are present to honour the love connecting two people. The truth is you will be speaking with a group of friends and family.

Remeber…Stay clear-headed. Try to limit your festive drinks and enjoy them after your speech is over.

Talk genuinely and build rapport with your listeners. Do not try to act like a professional public speaker,as this will only make you more nervous and place more pressure on you. Usually an “informal chat” comes accross better than a more ” formal talk” and the guests usually enjoy this more.

It is also important that your speech does not offend anyone. Be concise. Keep it clear, crisp and calculated. Approximately three to four minutes length is perfect for important family and friends and two minutes for friends just wanting to say a few words.

Design a common course of where you intend to take your audience, with your last part evidently in mind. Do not forget it’s always good to start your toast or speech with something like “I´m genuinely pleased for the chance to be able to speak at the wedding of these two special people” and to always keep in mind your ending: “Would everyone please rise and join me in a toast to Jessica and Matt”.

Allthough you will not know everyone at the wedding the secret is to speak to the room like you have been friends with everyone for years. When selecting topics to talk about, “Awkward” instances are okay but try to keep them clean. Generally its ok for the best man to embarass the groom a little bit but usually its best to only say kind words about the beautiful bride.

Also speak with close relatives and friends for memories you can utilise in your speech or toast. You could reminisce how the groom behaved peculiarly the night he proposed; you could speak about the moment little jessica overshadowed all of her class mates in school; or you could underscore the groom´s big-heartedness with an account of his eagerness to assist his family with painting their new house.

In episodes of significant emotion it is frequently tough to suppress the tears. In no situations express regret for emotions which are as ordinary as the air we inhale. As your tears pour the listeners’ tears will pour with you. You will quickly reclaim your poise and have folks giggling with you while you convey one of those “embarrassing” instances we can connect to.

Turn up early and acquaint yourself with the audio system. All microphones are diverse so familiarise yourself with the one you will be using.

In some venues the lights can be very bright in your eyes and sometimes their could be asome loud backround noise. Do not interupt your speech with”Gee that light´s intense!” or mention the backround noise,Act as if the whole thing is normal and continue.The speech or wedding toast will have a better flow if you do this.

Be sure to practise your speech “live” for ten minutes daily. Remeber to say it out loud and picture yourself at the location and imagine the smiles on everyones faces as you speak. If you break your speech or toast up into paragraphs try to memorise the first sentence of each as this to will make the speech flow much better.

Arrangement of Wedding Toasts

Bearing in mind it is up to you how you would like things to flow so this is just a general list of how wedding toasts can proceed:

  1. Tribute to the Bride & Groom by intimate friend or relative
  2. Reply, demonstration of thanks, speech to Bridal Party by the Groom/Bride. “We have a group of a few exceptional people here, let me inform you why…” (Fascinating piece on every one of them).
  3. Answer on behalf of Bridal Party by Best Man
  4. Speech to Bride´s Parents by close relative or friend.
  5. Bride´s Father reply and speech
  6. Speech to the Groom´s Parents by close relative or friend.
  7. Reply by the Groom´s Father
  8. Messages and emails from those who couldnt attent. (Sometimes these can be funny and rude so always use discretion)

Responsibilities of the M.C:

The MC will direct the organization of interaction at the wedding party without taking over or interfering. The following is a list of the MCs job:

  1. Communicate with band/D.J. and caterers and venue manager.
  2. Guide guests to the food and drink section.
  3. Guests comfortably seated.
  4. Pass messages to the Bride & Groom.
  5. Announce dinner.
  6. Summon each person to present their speech.
  7. Cutting of the cake announcement.
  8. Announce bridal dance.
  9. Announce Parents and Bridal Party to join the Bride & Groom on the dance floor.
  10. Request the other guests to join the dancefloor on the second dance.
  11. Announce throwing of bouquet.
  12. Announce departure of Circle/Guard of Honour.
  13. Announce leaving of Bride & Groom.


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