Atmosphere DJs is a group of exclusive well known, professional DJís that is the leading entertainment choice of 5-star hotels, high end nightclubs, and names like Channel 9 and P&O cruise lines. We make it our personal goal to provide the best possible professional DJ entertainment to our clients and strive to meet the highest expectations. We supply all of Australia including Brisbane DJs, Sunshine Coast DJs, and Gold Coast DJs, as well as international locations such as Dubai and other parts of Asia for corporate events and high end cruise lines like Disney, Princess Cruises, and P&O. Atmosphere DJs is locally based in southeast Queensland, but supplies DJs for events and contract work throughout Australia and internationally. We also have DJs available for celebrity and VIP events.

We supply premium DJ entertainment to weddings, parties, hotels and clubs, corporate events, and more. Atmosphere DJs is proud to offer a wide selection of professional DJs that have both corporate and party/pub experience for a well-rounded group of DJs that is both polished and highly experienced. All of our DJs are guaranteed to be fun, friendly, energetic and sure to keep all of your guests entertained for the duration of your entire event.

We are intensely focused on attention to detail and ensuring that we help you fulfill whatever vision you may have for your event. Our DJs have been trained to have an incredible sense of how to read a crowd and cater to all kinds of different musical tastes. We can play many genres and styles of music or follow a predetermined list decided upon by you. You can also choose your DJ ís level of interaction; our DJs will be more than happy to make special announcements for you or narrate any activities you may have planned out for your event. We can be a subtle part of your event, or highly involved with your guests for a more intimate approach. Itís all up to you! Simply let us know exactly what kind of entertainment youíre seeking and we will make it a point to deliver.

If youíre trying to find the perfect entertainment for your special day, we provide an excellent wedding entertainment service and have a pre-selected song list for every big moment including the Bride and Groom entrance, bridal dance, cutting of the cake, garter removal and throwing, bouquet toss, and departure song. Our top of the line DJs are not outsourced, and are our own private DJs so you will be sure to receive quality, exclusive talent. We are dedicated in helping you achieve your wedding day dreams, and making sure it is personalised and all about you. Atmosphere DJs guarantees prompt and reliable service so you can rest easy knowing that your wedding entertainment will be perfect. Your Brisbane wedding DJ will work with you to produce intimate, fun and exciting entertainment for you and your guests to remember for years to come. We also supply Sunshine Coast wedding DJs and Gold Coast wedding DJs, as well as Brisbane wedding DJs for other areas in Australia. We work very hard to ensure customer service is readily available to you and believe that excellent customer service should always be available to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on educating our customers, and even if you decide not to book us, we hope to help you make an informed decision about selecting your entertainment, after reading over our website or stopping by our business.

If you’r looking to throw a party that will blow your guests away, Atmosphere DJs will always provide you with a state of the art sound system with a top of the line microphone, huge CD music database, and a sharply dressed DJ. We offer a cutting-edge equipment setup that will have your music playing before your guests even arrive, that your Brisbane DJ hire will set up for you ahead of time. Our advanced audio equipment will have your guests thinking theyíre at a live music performance, and people who arenít interested in dancing will appreciate the level at which we play our music, as it is comfortable enough for guests to socialise and talk amongst each other without having to yell over a system that is too loud. Our DJs are always friendly and outgoing, and promise to keep the room engaged and interested for a day or evening to remember. Your party guests are more than welcome to make requests, just ask your Sunshine Coast DJ hire and theyíll play virtually any song that is asked for. We have an unlimited music library and guarantee that whatever song you request, weíll play. We are always devoted to making your event a huge success and will work with you on whatever type of music you want to hear. Your Gold Coast DJ hire will also be flexible with setup and positioning of where youíd like the DJ booth in your venue. It is never a problem for us to reorganize in order to give you the setup you need.

We are proud to be the No. 1 DJ entertainment with the most residencies in Australian hotels and nightclubs. Our DJs play at many hotel and club venues, and we offer free cocktail and daiquiri machine installations for your event. Audio and lighting effect installations can also be supplied at no cost to you. These are just a few of the exemplary services we provide to you to improve your entertainment experience. If youíre looking to make your event one to remember, we even have our own retail department that you can order special event supplies from, and avoid going through several companies to get everything you need. Making your event planning just that much easier is something we are happy to help with. Atmosphere DJs also has the very latest in LED lighting effects and audio equipment for your listening pleasure. Quality equipment is something any DJ service should offer in order for you to receive the best listening experience at your special event. Always ask a DJ company prospect what kind of equipment they use, what kind of audio and lighting effects they can provide you with, and if they offer free installation on their equipment. These kinds of services should be available to you for most types of events.

Not only do we perform at weddings, parties, and clubs, but Atmosphere DJs is also available for corporate functions. We have many clients that return to us each year for their corporate events and social functions. We believe this is because we take the time to sispeak with each client and plan out the exact execution of their event and how entertainment will be orchestrated. If you are unsure of exactly what is you want, we can offer you fresh event ideas or help you expound on the ideas you might already have. We can work around themed functions or give you tips and advice for how to create a theme for your event. Whatever the occasion might be, Atmosphere DJs has you taken care of. We will provide you with the perfect style of entertainment no matter what the occasion. Our corporate DJs have experience in a wide variety of venue types all over Australia and can adapt to any of your needs.

Aside from performing at venues for social events, Atmosphere DJs is involved with several side projects and is proud to be the only DJ hire company chosen by the ARIA to assist in making the Australian dance chart and currently the only DJ entertainment company charting for ARIA. Atmosphere DJs has also been selected by the ARIA to be supplied with music from major record labels for review on a weekly basis. We are also the preferred DJ entertainment to Channel 9, P&O cruises, ALH venues, and 5-star hotels and nightclubs throughout Australia. We take pride in setting the standard for Australian DJ entertainment and aim to make a positive impact in the industry. With so many beginner bedroom DJs in the industry, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to find a professional, top-notch DJ company and we are intent on providing you with quality DJ services that are tailored to your needs and preferences and cater to your audience. We also supply our critically acclaimed DJs to 5-star dinner cruises and international venues around the world.

Atmosphere DJs Entertainment International is recognized throughout Australia and around the world as the leading DJ entertainment group in the industry. We have received praise from worldwide first-class hotel chains and premium nightclubs from such areas of the world as Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Bahrain, and more. We are fully staffed and available full-time at many major international locations, as well as to the cruise ship industry. We specialise in event management and promoting, and each one of our DJs has played both nationally and internationally. We believe this is a great asset that makes a huge difference in the quality of our entertainment staff. With a wide-ranging experience in all types of venues and music genres, our DJs are ready to take on any event in any location and provide you with superior entertainment that boasts both quality and talent. You may choose to hire us for either short or long-term contracts, and we will be happy to help you decide on the best options for your event.

You may have seen Atmosphere DJs perform on live national television for Channel 9 during the NRL footy show in 2010, or recently in May of 2011 for the show during its filming in Brisbane. We were also recently chosen to entertain at the Mercedez Benz Fashion Festival, put on by the Hilton. We have headlined for such names as Cadbury, Hyatt, and BMW, just to name a few. We do many corporate and celebrity events and can make your event just as special. We offer you new and innovative ideas for your event, excellent music, and well-rounded, professional DJs. We take all of these characteristics and combine them for a blended fusion that provides you with a creative, unique DJ experience that is unlike any other. We are completely focused on you as the customer and will do whatever it takes to make sure your event is a huge success.

We have nothing but the highest reputation to uphold, and have been dedicated to providing you with the best quality entertainment in the most respected venues over the last 12 years and intend to continue this trend for many years to come. We are devoted to making your experience with us as personal as possible and will customise your event right down to the very last detail. Exceeding your expectations is not only our motto, but it is our promise as well. We believe that everyone deserves to celebrate their special occasion exactly the way they envisioned it, and we are here to make that happen for you. Atmosphere DJ hire is different because we listen intently to our client needs and follow through with a delivery.

We believe that our strong ethics, exceptional values, and complete customer devotion will be sure to make your experience with us a pleasant and successful one. We are completely confident in our premium services and triple guarantee that you will be, too. If you have any questions about any of our services or would be interested in receiving a price quote, please contact us for further inquiries and we will gladly assist you. Thank you for stopping by from your No. 1 choice in music entertainment.

– Atmosphere DJs

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Atmosphere DJs were the only wedding and party DJ company invited to attend last years channel 9 ARIA AWARDS

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