If you know a special adult that has an upcoming birthday, celebrate it by hosting a themed birthday party. Throwing a successful party for an adult is simple – just use your own happy memories of birthday parties you had when you were young. Even grown people love birthday cake, party games, decorations and great food. These are just a few adult b-day celebration ideas to help get you started.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas – Theme Suggestions

Who says you’re too old to have a blast at a themed birthday party? While there is a good chance that the Guest of Honor has gotten too big for her afterschool tea parties or that he’s lost interest in his favourite childhood superhero, there are plenty of fun themed celebrations that are great for adults. Simple-to-host adult themed parties include:

  • Poker or card themed parties
  • Country associated parties, like a Japanese theme
  • Sports-related parties
  • Outback parties
  • Adult pirate parties
  • Masquerade ball costume parties
  • Beach or pool parties
  • Adult sleepover parties, like a camping night
  • Landmark celebrations, like 30th, 40th, etc.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas – Adult Birthday Party Games

To throw a well put together bash, coordinate games that go along with the party theme. For an outback party, for instance, you can play different games with boomerangs and have a safari themed adult scavenger hunt. When hosting an over-the-hill bash, have your guests race with walkers or have a relay race with bedpans. Or maybe you can incorporate a few childhood games like the old egg on the spoon relay, three-legged races and water balloon tosses.

Whatever your theme may be, there are a few items you’ll need to make sure you have at your disposal, before the fun begins.

Here is an easy checklist for your birthday party supplies:

  • Invites: Send them out two to three weeks prior to your party. Make sure you inform your guests of the reason for celebration, and include the theme for the party.
  • Decorations: Hand-picked décor adds a festive touch to any fete. Stock up on extra tape, twine, markers, ribbons or bows, and make sure you have a pair of scissors and a stepladder handy.
  • Snacks and beverages: Clear some room in your freezer for frozen goods before you go on a grocery run. Buy plenty of mixers (like juices and sodas), alcoholic beverages, and non-alcoholic beverages. If your freezer has an automatic ice maker, bag all of your ice prior to your party so you don’t have to make an emergency run.
  • Paper goods: Get ready for extra guests in your bathroom by stocking up on your supply of toilet paper. For kitchenware, buy enough supplies to average two plates and three napkins or paper towels per guest.
  • Party favours: Making little bags of party favours that the guests can take home with them is a great way to prolong the fun. Try to buy favours that go together with your theme, or pick up some everyday items that your guests will be able to put to good use.
  • Party games: Purchase or hand make any party supplies or props you’ll need for games you will be playing well prior to your event.
  • Flashlights: Make sure you have several of these on hand, as well as a pack of new batteries, for any outdoor games you might be playing at night.
  • Party Tunes: Make a mixed CD of music that compliments your party’s theme, or create a list of songs that people will love to dance to.

By following a few of these guidelines, you’ll be sure to throw a birthday celebration that will be just as much fun as you remember having when you were a kid!

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