Planning a party or event is generally a lot of fun for many people. But sometimes, hosting a great party for your guests can be difficult for someone on a tight budget. This can easily be accomplished if you take the time to pre-plan. Take into account that these guidelines will apply to most events, but may not to every situation.

For people who want to avoid excessive spending, following these easy tips will help you figure out how to budget and save yourself some money.

  • Budgeting – Plan a budget you can make a commitment to stick with. Whatever budget you come up with should cover your event costs and a fixed percentage for unforeseen expenditures.

  • Organising – Purchase a notebook and binder or folder to record all of your info, supply receipts, and any kind of estimates for the party. Including Ziploc bags in your binder is a good idea for any smaller receipts or notes you’ll need.

  • Visualise – Have an idea of exactly what tasks you need to accomplish and what items you’ll need for your event. Make a list and have photos of what you’ll need. Showing these things to retailers will help them to understand just what you’ll need for your party.

  • Funds – To make money management easier, think about creating another bank account. It’s much easier to keep track of your finances if you have an account with a designated amount of money in it. This also helps to keep track of any checks you write for your event.

  • Financial Contributions – Ask if there is anyone who would like to make a contribution before the event. Depositing this money into your separate account will help you calculate how much money you have to work with.

  • Negotiating – Hosting your event during a time of year that isn’t busy will give you lots of room for negotiating prices. Many retailers expect people to negotiate, so instead of agreeing to the first price that’s quoted, offer the vendor a lower price.

  • Purchase Items Online – This is an excellent way to save your time and money. Check out for the best party supply deals in Australia.

  • Be Budget Smart – Take the total amount of money you have to spend on your event and divide it by the number of guests attending and you’ll get a good idea of the amount you can spend on food, drinks, and party favors for each person. Regularly keep track of your budget and adjust it as you need to.

  • Use a Party Planner – Often times, hiring a party planner can be a great way to save money on your event. Many planners have networks of retailers they do business with that offer quality services at great prices. This will also relieve unnecessary pressure off of you and allow you to focus on other aspects of your event.

Once you start planning, always remember your goal and keep track of your budget as you strive to attain that goal. Extraordinary parties and events are not decided by how much money is spent in throwing them, but instead by the memories you create.


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