Guests might forget certain things about a party, but the food is something they’ll remember. If you have delicious food, the event will be enjoyable for your guests and they’ll leave remembering a fantastic party. When beginning to plan, selecting a caterer for your event will be a crucial decision to make. To find a caterer that will make your event one to remember, follow these simple steps:

  • What type of caterer do you want – There are two types of caterers; ones that primarily deal with formal events (cocktails, full course dinners, and fine dining), and ones that primarily focus on informal events with a variety of dinner plans. It is essential that you decide what kind of caterer you’ll need before you start looking for one. Also keep in mind whether you will want buffet style or table service.

  • What type of venue are you offering – Catering prices vary depending on how many people will be eating at your event. If you select a venue that does not provide a kitchen or prep area, your caterer will have to prepare everything ahead of time, and have it ready to set up on arrival. Caterers will generally charge an additional fee for this, as it requires additional work.

  • Get creative – If money is tight, consider looking for a venue that offers in-house catering. Some venues offer catering that is prepared on location, at a discounted price.

  • Get a list of estimates– To get a good idea of your catering service costs, call three or four of your local caterers for estimates. Many caterers will give you a quote based on the amount of people you’ll have attending.

  • Consult with the caterers – Ask any potential caterers about their services, the average amount of events they book per day, and if they have the means to accommodate what you will need. If you’re looking to serve a specific meal to your guests, it is crucial that you tell this to a potential caterer when getting an estimate.

  • Ask for samples – When meeting with the caterer for the first time, they should provide samples for you to try while you discuss your event. It is important to discuss what kind of ingredients they use and where they get their food. Also, any caterer should be able to provide substitutes for guests who are on diets or have allergies.

  • Visit the caterer’s business – You might find that you can learn a good deal about a caterer by visiting them at their place of business. See how the staff interacts with each other and ask the caterer what kind of equipment will be used at your party. Some caterers may supply you with tablecloths, tables, candles, and other items for an additional fee.

  • Ask for references – Have any potential candidates supply you with references and speak with anyone who has used their catering services in the past, before you make your decision.

  • Estimates and Quotes – After you’ve thinned your search down to your top two choices, ask each caterer for a proposal that will cover what will be served, how many people will be included in their staff, and specifics on what services will be provided. The quote should include set up and clean up fees, as well as the hours they intend to work.

  • Schedule your event – After you select your caterer, immediately book your event. Caterers have tight schedules and if you postpone booking your event, you might not be able to get the person you had originally wanted.

After selecting a caterer and establishing the menu, you can relax and focus your efforts on other event details to make it your ideal event.


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