Planning a menu for your party can be easy or difficult. So, figuring out what kinds of foods you want to serve will help you decide if you want to hire a caterer or not.

  • Caterer or do-it-yourself? Depending on your cooking and baking abilities, there are a few things you should consider, as well as the time that will be spent preparing the food. If you are unsure of whether or not to prepare the food yourself, consider hiring a caterer, as they can take the pressure and unnecessary stress off of you.

  • Don’t go overboard. If you decide to do everything yourself, select a simple menu that is easy to prepare and is not time-consuming. Use quality ingredients to really make your guests’ mouths water. They will really appreciate this simple improvement in your food.

  • Budgeting. Whatever foods you choose for your menu should be eye-appealing and ones that most guests will enjoy. This can be accomplished even with a tight budget. Base the amount of food you purchase on the number of guests you’ll be having.

  • Time:Food ratio. If you are having a lot of guests, do not plan on serving a full dinner. Some people will end up getting their food before others, and it just ends up being awkward. It is best to go with food that can be served quickly and easily.

  • Offer a variety. To appeal to all of your guests, have a variety of attractive dishes with different textures and flavours. Some dishes may be more appealing than others, but all of your guests will be able to find something they’ll enjoy. Make sure you can accommodate any guests with special diets or allergies before you draw up a menu.

  • Ask for samples. If you decide to go with a caterer, ask for samples of what you’ll be serving, prior to hiring them. Does the food look appealing and taste good? Make sure of this before making a decision.

  • Food and clothing. Depending on whether you’re having a formal dinner or a BBQ, the food and party attire is going to vary. Whatever kind of party you are throwing, it’s important to wear the appropriate kind of clothing and serve food that matches your theme.

  • Party Supplies. After you have a head count of how many people will be attending, make sure you have enough tables, chairs, plates, napkins and other necessary items to accommodate them. Any equipment or other items you plan to use should be clean and in good condition.

  • Finger foods and snacks. It is a good idea to have a few snacks for your guests to nibble on when they arrive. However, if you are doing a formal dinner and it’s late, they’ll fill up on them and miss out on the great food you’ve prepared. Make sure you serve dinner promptly and you will avoid this problem.

  • What types of drinks to serve. If you are having an adult party, it is a good idea to offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. That being said, you should limit your mixed drinks to one or two options; you don’t want to wind up bartending your entire party. Try not to serve alcohol at children’s parties, to avoid anything getting mixed up.


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