If you are a bride to be, you know how important your invitations are in influencing your guests’ first impression about your wedding. Invitations are a great way to express what kind of tone your wedding will set, and to showcase the personalities of you and your fiancée. The average bride looks at over 100 different styles of invitations, and the pressure of going over so many different options and the need for having to follow a specific type of etiquette can often become overwhelming. Sometimes, the best way to go is to visit a stationary expert in your city. These specialists will take into account any ideas you may have and assist you in piecing everything together so that your wedding invitations will be the perfect versions of everything you’ve worked so hard to plan for.

So where exactly do you look for a local stationary expert? Find your phone book and look up “Invitations” in the yellow pages. After settling on a local expert who will be able to assist you with your invites, you clear some time in your schedule to drop by the stationary shop one day during your lunch break to discover that this is not a 15-minute process. Even though you’ll have someone helping you look over various invitation folders and processing the order for you, expect to spend around 2 hours at this business.

Things to consider when choosing your invitations:

– Don’t forget any essential information at home. This consists of the name of your wedding venue and its address, the location of your reception, and any images or special directions that will need to be included on a map.

– Know the exact number of invitations you will be ordering. When taking this number into account, remember not to count each guest, but only the number of invitations you will be sending out. So if you have a couple you are inviting that resides at the same address, you would only send them one invitation.

– Order everything at once. This is a great time to take advantage of your stationary shop and cover more than just invitations. You’ll be able to cross off many items on your “to-do” list. These can be anything including cards to thank your guests, menus, table linens, wedding favours, decorations, scrapbooks, glassware, candles, and so on.

– Enjoy yourself! This step is the most important. Make an affair of it and take your mother, maid of honor, or perhaps your fiancée. Your wedding should be a time of happiness and you should take care not to rush it or allow it to stress you.

Whatever invitation style you decide on, don’t be afraid to rely on your local specialist to help you through all of the steps for this procedure. Your wedding is a huge milestone event, so don’t be quick to browse websites and catalogs that are impersonal when you have a locally based, delightful person just waiting to put all of their years of experience and hard work to use for you.


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