If you’re preparing to host your celebration in a rented location such as a historical building, hall or restaurant, there are several key things you should speak about to the venue. Keep this list ready and ask the following questions to the functions manager at the location you are considering using:

What time can I enter to set up the affair and what kind of access will I be given? Ensure you have ample time to move to the venue and set up for guests. Discuss these time allowances with your other providers if you are employing them like your decorators, cake maker, florist and the DJ. Usually a DJ will only need about 30 minutes but florists and decorators will obviously take longer.

Is there something we are not allowed to have at the location? Lots of venues and restaurants won’t permit you to set up fireworks and certain candles, for instance. If you and your partner have your heart set on hundreds of small candles set around the venue maybe this could not be the location for you.

Also be sure to ask what the exact sound limits of your venue are. The venue will always tell you that there DB level they are allowed is more than enough but always be sure to ask your DJ what they think of that level. Also if your DJ company doesnt understand what a DB reading is you will want to find someone else.

Are there bad weather options? If your location is al fresco or has entrance concerns in inclement weather, acquire the Plan B choices from your location now, so you’re at ease with the substitute preparations if it occurs on the day.

Will you hold sufficient staff to supply me the service I am anticipating? The response to this query falls to a negotiation between service and budget needs. You need to have this discussion with the venue prior to the wedding in order that you and the location recognize your expectations and what they are required to offer for your budget.

What will happen if our party goes overtime? A lot of venues will charge you additional fees if your guests linger longer than the arranged end time, since they need to compensate their personnel to wait longer. Research the costs if you have this concern and be conscious of the add-ons. If you are not comfortable with the fees, make sure you assign your MC to move the group to the next location.

Am I allowed to use my own contractors? Various restaurants will just let you to use cake makers, florists, entertainment and catering outfits that they have arrangements with. Be very wary of venues that do this.Usually they hire cheap services and are making a profit on those services. Always be sure to only use the suppliers you want. Yes take suggestions but never let them tell you who to use. Its common for venues to say bad things about other suppliers aswell so that you will use there services. Always look into the businesses yourself.

Do you have a drink package? It is normally inexpensive to supply your own drinks, but various restaurants will not permit this. The next option is a beverage package that you select based on your taste and budget. Examine the fine print and ensure you have adequate drinks for your guests, because if you run out of beverages, sometimes it can feel awkward to ask people to pay for there drinks for half of the evening.

Are there any food or drinks we cannot serve up? If you’ve got a location that will not permit red wine and you are definitely set on it, then it may be time to consider another venue. This could take place in historical halls with limitations on dark coloured food and drinks.

Can you offer any markdowns? Wedding industry services offering cheap prices on weekends is something to be carefull of. Well known suppliers and contractors do not lower prices to compete as they are usually booked out a year or so in advance. Sometimes you can find discounted rates on Monday – Thursday though but venues and contractors saying they will beat prices on a Friday,Saturday or Sunday is a good sign they are new in the game or the quality is low.


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