Every bride wants her wedding to look like her wedding, and modern wedding trends are about just that. These are a few simple concepts to help you add a personal touch to your special day.

Use Props For Your Centrepieces

Reinvent all the ideas you have about centerpieces by replacing them with decorative accessories (think about what you might use to embellish a coffee table, bookshelf, or living room mantle). Glittery, crystal spheres, ornate sculpted glass figurines, or even old-fashioned wicker baskets filled with fruit can serve as the central focus of your banquet tables.

Accent with Black

Think small, black varnished flower vases, black throw cushions in the lobby or lounge, or simple black china. To avoid making things look too dark, pick a heavy gemstone colour like a sapphire, amethyst, or ruby coloured shade. It will create an ageless, elegant touch to your reception that you simply cannot go wrong with.

Textured, Wrapped Vases

Don’t stress over what type of flower to use over another and accent your vases by swathing them in appealing, intricate fabrics to add texture to the look and feel. To give them a sharp, sleek look (not disorganized), select different types of flowers in the same shade.

Around-the-House Reception Furnishings

Remember the chairs you spotted in IKEA that you thought would complement your living room well? Or the big vanity mirror and wood table you walked past in the department store this spring? You can turn these into remarkable pieces at your reception to really make it unique.

Exquisite Garden Decor

The most popular garden decorations are chinese lanterns. These are very easy to setup and look great in the day and by night.Also you can complete your courtyard or garden wedding with pale green vases accented in silver tones; modest white garden pots and pedestals, and handsome silver trays or platters for h’ouerderves. Simple floral arrangements on white linen cocktail tables will be sure to create an intimate feel.

Selecting a Blend of Monochromatic Vases

Does the mix and matched, wildflower, outdoor fusion wedding type appeal to you? Then select a black and white blend of urns in a variety of shapes and sizes to complement your tables topped with colourful flowers to really pull your whole look together.

Decorate Your Bouquet with an Eye-Catching Wrap

Highlight your bouquet wrap by selecting flowers that are strictly white. Then, tailor your bouquet to your own personal liking by requesting your florist to cover the flower stems with beads, baubles, decorative pins, seahells, intricate lacework, or pieces of twine. Get creative and throw in some of your own ideas to make your bouquet a truly one-of-a-kind piece.


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