Halter Neck

The style is appropriate for brides with good-sized busts, as it reduces the midriff by extending the torso. A variant of this type of neck is the high neckline. A halter neck opens up the shoulders, while a plunging neckline opens up the chest and neck regions even further.

Plunging Neckline

While this style does not look similar to the halter, it is more flexible in the sense that you have straps or sleeves attached to the shoulders, which gives them less exposure than the halter. This style reveals your neck and chest regions significantly. It is very suitable for brides with larger frames.

Strapless Gown

This variation completely opens up the shoulders, chest and neck. A very feminine, flattering style.

You can use either of the previously mentioned necklines, though other more intricate necklines (i.e. scooped or square neck) would need an internal support structure to hold its shape. The gown’s back is usually a small amount lower than the front. Without wearing straps, you can’t incorporate a deep plunge in the back, or it will fall right off.

Spaghetti Strap or Camisole

The only difference between this style and the strapless gown is that you can choose to wear a bodice with a deep plunging back. This is a striking style, as it accentuates your neck and chest. The contrast is that the subtle straps will show off your shoulders.

Empire Neckline

This style’s bodice stops just short of your bust line, where the skirt starts. This produces the impression of a much longer skirt, purely because it begins higher than the hips and waistline. Because of this reason, this style looks very flattering on pregnant brides.

Remarkably, when paired with a flared skirt, this looks the best on a bride with curves and a healthy bust line, as these will highlight a small waist.

There aren’t any limitations to the neckline you pair with this bodice.

Boat Neck

This is an extremely flattering style, and is even more appealing when coupled with lacy bell sleeves. The boat neck’s most prominent feature is the continuous seam across the shoulder line.

There are variations of this neckline; the most popular sets the neckline a bit lower than usual, with gathered fabric around the top.


This neckline was extremely prevalent in the 80’s, and featured oversized, puffy sleeves. This must go with a bodice that has sleeves. This heart-shaped neckline projects a soft and innocent look. Younger or more conservative brides frequently choose the style.

Scooped or Square Neck

Both of these styles are comparable, the only difference being that the square neck is squared off and the scooped neck has a curved shape. These styles go nicely with a low neckline. The purpose of a scooped or square neck is to expose the chest and neck zones.

Sheer Neck

The sheer neck is an extension of the scooped or square neck, but with a sheer cover of material that is sewn on top of the dress, and is often times strapless.

Sleeves can also be worn with the style, with either sheer or solid cloth. This is a very visually pleasing style, although your choice of neckline and sleeve design would have to be very particular in order to be effective. Lengthier sleeves will almost always work better than shorter sleeves. A sheer boat neck is your best option when paired with sleeves.

Short sleeves will go best with a somewhat high, sheer neck with rounded edges. Capped sleeves do not generally go well with this style.


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