The 10 Rules of Wedding Toasting

1. Anticipate speaking for around one to four minutes. No one wants to hear an impossibly lengthy toast that covers every event that has happened since you’ve been friends. When it comes to wedding toasts, even brief toasts will suffice if you come off as passionate and sincere.

2. Look around to make sure everyone’s glass is full before you start. You or the MC might want to ask the guests to top off their drinks, as toasting is about to begin. Afterwards, give the guests 3 to 5 minutes to complete this task.

3. Stand if you are giving the toast (sit if you are receiving one) and use your right hand to hold the glass when you toast. After you’ve finished toasting, it’s traditional for everyone to clink their glasses together before taking a sip.

4. Begin your speech with something personal. The story of how the bride and groom met each other is a great way to start. Using humor or reading a quote is also a good way to begin.

5. Always use discretion by being tasteful with your humor. While cracking jokes about the bride and groom maybe the type of amusement you’re seeking, making too much fun may not go over well with your audience.

6. Use your normal speaking voice, and try not to make forced hand gestures or speak in a different accent. Your audience will want to listen to your own thoughts, not sit through something dramatic. Remember that you were picked to be you, not somebody else.

7. Take the time to do some practice toasts. It’s never a good idea to “wing it” unless you’ve made a lot of public speeches.

8. As you make your toast, look around the room at your audience. Making eye contact is a characteristic that a good speaker always possesses.

9. Enunciate your words and try not to rush. Make sure to take your time and breathe in deeply, because if you rush your words, no one will be able to understand you clearly.

10. Last but not least, end your toast with a well-wishing, congrats, or cheers.

Don’t Make These Top 5 Mistakes

1. Consuming over one drink to calm anxiety before your speech. This might sound like a good idea, but aside from relaxing your nerves, overindulging in alcohol can also hinder you from talking clearly and obstruct your perception of what may be suitable speech material.

2. Profanity and/or exaggerating the truth.

3. Making an apology for being a sub par speaker – Never say you’re sorry for being bad at making speeches, and don’t admit that you didn’t want to give a speech, either. This is a rule for any speech and all instances, not weddings alone.

4. Bringing up previous girlfriends, prior marriages, or former relationships. Not only could this possibly embarrass someone, but it is not appropriate at a wedding. You can, however, bring this up at a stag party.

5. Racy or inappropriate stories about the married couple that don’t have a PG rating. Remember that grandparents, and potentially children, will be listening to your speech. Speak on topics that are suitable for all ages in the audience.

Now that you have these guidelines to follow, here’s to wishing that your next toast is a big success!


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